What You Need to Look for in a Crane Service Company

Tower cranes jib and hook blocks against a cloudy blue sky background.

Buying or renting your industrial machinery for any construction project you may have is never cheap. That’s why it is better to hire a crane service provider to make the job easier for you.

When looking for a crane service provider, many things need taken into consideration. You must know everything about the service they provide, if it suits the needs and standards of your project, and if they have the best quality machines and equipment available.

If you are searching for the best crane service company, here are seven things to look for before deciding on a provider:

1. Reputation

In most cases, new crane service companies gain more favor over those with years of experience in the industry. This is because most seasoned contractors have experienced unsatisfied customers who have voiced their experience to the public. Every business that has been in the industry for so long has its fair share of bad reviews and records of unsatisfactory service.

If you want to work with a professional crane service provider, your best choices are established crane service providers with many years of experience. An established contractor must have experience and expertise in handling different issues. This type of crane service provider will be perfect for you.

2. Availability

The availability of your potential crane service provider must be in line with your own timeline. Whether you have a strict timeline or a flexible timetable, checking the provider’s availability is essential. Always remember that not all companies can accommodate your needs and follow your timeline, so it’s best if you make sure to choose the right one that can accommodate your schedule.

3. Proof of Insurance

Coverage is one of the most vital things to watch out for when looking for the right crane service company. A reliable and established company will show you their proof of insurance upon request. When looking for a reliable contractor, it is not wise to choose a service that doesn’t have full insurance coverage from an accepted insurance company.

Accidents are not uncommon on construction sites and can range from mild to severe damage. Without insurance, the contractor will not be able to provide any financial aid to make up for the cost of the damage. Always ask to see proof of insurance before you start working with a crane service company.

4. Determine What Kind of Crane Service You Need

If you are unsure what crane or crane service is best for you, you can ask for advice from an expert. Tell them the project you have in mind, and they will know exactly what service will be the best fit.

There are kinds of cranes with varying purposes, namely:

  • Hydraulic Crane – Hydraulic cranes are typically used for heavy lifting projects.
  • Forklift – Forklifts are for smaller jobs such as moving heavy appliances, furniture, and other heavy indoor objects.
  • Crawler Crane – Crawler cranes carry loads that weigh up to a thousand tons. It is easier to control and requires minimal setup.

If you don’t know anyone who knows how to operate a crane, some companies provide a qualified operator along with the crane to provide the best results.

5. Inspect the Equipment

The last thing you need from a crane service provider is malfunctioning equipment. Ensure that the company you will work with regularly inspects and guarantees their equipment is in good shape. You can ask for the record of the company’s regular maintenance inspection for proof that the equipment is safe and ready for heavy-lifting. If you find any need for crane repair, bring it to the contractor’s attention as it may cause major accidents and damage on your part.

6. Evaluate the Customer Service

One of the deciding factors in choosing the right crane service provider is their customer service and how much they value their clients. Evaluate how the company treats its customers and how they cater to your needs. You can observe customer service over the phone, the company’s website, and staff interactions.

Service providers who treat their customers with 100% care, respect, and attention show values and professionalism. Choose the one who aims to deliver quality service, not the one who strives to make money.

7. Reasonable Price

Last but honestly not least, the thing you need to look for is the crane service provider that offers the most reasonable price. Most crane service companies will provide a price quote for your project. This process will help you compare the prices and ensure that everything you are paying for is worth your money.

Keep in mind that choosing a reasonable offer doesn’t mean going with whatever is cheapest. Sometimes, the best service will come at a price. Remember the saying, “you get what you pay for.” With this in mind, you will choose the contractor worth your money.

To find the right crane service company for your project, do your research and compare different service providers from each other. Finding a crane service that offers a reasonable price will undoubtedly be worth your time and money.

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