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Strong camaraderie leading to personal development and career growth

For over ten decades, Iron Workers Local 24 has been helping men and women build their careers by providing them with equal opportunities for effective education, leadership, and training programs.

The union manages, coordinates, and oversees training and apprenticeship programs to help individuals gain basic to advanced knowledge of the craft that will enable them to be competitive and satisfied in their careers and help them carry out their work safely and efficiently.

More than personal and professional development, the special bonds, close friendships, and mutual accountability shared by our experienced ironworkers and new apprentices are the hallmark of our union values. Stand with us today and start shaping a better future for yourself.

How to Join the Union

Here’s how to be part of our diverse community of professionals, experts, and like-minded individuals in Colorado:

1. Prepare the following requirements:

2. Bring the above requirements and submit them to either one of these locations:

501 W. 4th Avenue, Denver, CO 80223

Contact Mark Calkins for inquiries:

5575 Tejon Street, Denver, CO 80221

Contact Joe Mulready for inquiries:

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3. Once there, you'll be asked to fill out the application form.

You will need to take the apprenticeship program, which will last for three years, and work for a union contract while attending classes. If you have previous work experience from other ironworking companies, you will be allowed to skip some portion of the apprenticeship program.

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Qualifications to Be Considered for an Apprenticeship Position

Applicants should be at least 18 years old and be able to provide proof at the time of acceptance that they are of legal age.

Applicants should be physically fit and mentally capable of handling essential functions of the apprenticeship program. They are required to present a medical certification and may be subject to physical fitness, agility, and drug tests throughout the program.

A high school diploma or general equivalency diploma is required to be considered for an apprenticeship program. Applicants can also provide an official transcript of their high school and post-high school education to support their satisfactory grades in mathematics, mechanical drawing, and other specific courses relevant to the craft.

If they are a veteran who wishes to receive consideration for training or expertise, they must submit a DD-214 to verify their military training.

Employees under the union contract should pay their monthly dues. These payables help the union continually help empower individuals to receive better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

and working conditions. Why Join the Union

As a member of Iron Workers Local 24, you are eligible for numerous personal, professional, and social benefits. Interested individuals who want to join the union may take advantage of the following career benefits and opportunities the network offers:

We use our collective muscles to fight for your right to better salaries, health insurance, pension, holidays, sick pay, overtime pay, and other benefits.

With an incredible network of union contractors across the state, we give you the opportunity to build your skills and find job security as you work alongside various companies and those experts in the field, such as Flawless Steel Welding.

Respect and dignity are the things our union values uphold. We are actively fighting discrimination and encouraging every individual, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability, to take on leadership roles in their work structure.

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Take the first step to a better future by joining Iron Workers Local 24.

Feel free to connect with our expert team for inquiries on how you can be a part of our local union. We’ll gladly assist you throughout this process of shaping your future for the better.