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Whether you are the owner on the project, a contractor, or a sub-contractor, Flawless Steel Welding is the full-package company to work with for steel erection in Colorado.

We have the expertise, experience, manpower, and equipment that will ensure your project’s success! With deep investment in our people, tools, and equipment, we come fully prepared to get any steel work done with efficiency, professionalism, safety, and speed.
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Why Work with Us?


At Flawless Steel Welding, we can help you in all types and phases of steel erection. We are indeed a one-stop shop, from planning and estimating through to project completion. Our rigging capabilities extend from fabricating and installing large metal structures; we can also do smaller structures, stairways, platforms, bridges, and other unique assemblies. You can always trust that our steel erection services in Colorado are exactly to your specifications!


We can meet or exceed even the strictest project schedules through excellent pre-planning, top-tier customer service, and almost a decade of experience. We can predict possible field installation problems and perfectly sequence projects ahead of schedule.

As soon as the construction starts, our management team becomes your leaders at the site. They will make sure that all parties are satisfied.

We keep detailed records of each phase of the project, and these are always available for you to see. This also promotes positive communication throughout the process, which often results in positive outcomes.

Quick turnaround is just one important facet of our structural steel erection services in Colorado.


Attention to detail and safety are key to our continued success as the best company providing steel erection services in Colorado. Our trained and experienced erection squads can also adapt to accommodate any number of unique challenges on every construction site.

Our team is also accustomed to working in high-risk environments like high elevations, heavy foot traffic, tight spaces, and ongoing plant operations. To manage these risks, we follow all safety protocols set by OSHA.

We also do drug testing for our personnel. We have our own safety inspector that goes to the site and monitors and enforces all safety programs. We make sure that the foundations are safe and suitable before we start any contract for steel erection in Colorado.

One-Stop Shop

Depending solely upon rental companies for other services and equipment can cause delays and additional costs. We have invested in our own tools and equipment to cost us less in the long run and provide faster and more reliable results to our clients. We can generally come in with a lower bid than other companies that outsource everything. We also have control of the processes, which will result in more efficient, smoother completion.

If you have already decided to get to work on your project, feel free to contact our friendly staff.

We’ll be more than willing to give you a free consultation and quote.