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Steel fabrication is one of the most important processes included in construction projects.

While we have been using metals in almost all developments built for commercial and residential purposes, fabrication is necessary before they can be put to use. Think of a building. Its doors, balconies, fences, stairs, and railings are all made out of metal, and their longevity highly depends on the quality of their fabrication. With our services for steel fabrication in Denver, you can easily build metal structures with the help of our cutting, assembling, and bending processes.

At Flawless Steel Welding, we are able to provide steel fabrication in Denver area locations quickly, safely, and efficiently. Our team of steel fabricators in Denver are among of the most skilled in the industry. Further, we only use state-of-the-art equipment in the process, only adding to the high quality of our finished projects.

Here are some of the things that you can get from our services in steel fabrication in Denver:


As for any construction or building project, durability is always the number one consideration. While steel is already a strong material, our steel fabrication process further enhances this. Because of this, you can be sure that all our works at Flawless Steel Welding are durable and can withstand damage from weather or other natural and expected occurrences. This will not only save you money from unwarranted maintenance or replacement but will also ensure the safety and security of everyone who uses our fabricated steel.


At Flawless Steel Welding, we give you accurate estimates and projections to help you understand how much the project will cost you. While we offer the best quality of work to the extent that we can, we still strive to keep our prices competitive. This way, you get affordable steel fabrication in Denver without sacrificing the quality of the output.


When it comes to the construction industry, people usually want their architecture to be unique and stand out in a beautiful way. As such, each client comes with their own distinctive designs to follow. At Flawless Steel Welding, our steel fabricators in Denver can work with any creative architectural design. Because we are equipped with cutting-edge equipment, we can provide the highest quality of custom steel fabrication in Denver. As such, there is no need to sacrifice strength and durability for beauty because we are able to offer all of these at once.

Years of Experience

Established in 2011, Flawless Steel Welding has been providing customers with quality steel fabrication for close to ten years. We have worked with multiple projects and different clients for steel fabrication, all with varying end products and requirements. We have fabricated steel for roofs, stairs, and foundations. We have worked with banks, gyms, retail stores, and schools for parking garages, pavilion projects, and storage facilities. At Flawless Steel Welding, we pride ourselves on that fact that all the clients we have worked with are more than happy with our work.

Marvel Saw 800APC

  • 36” Vertical cutting
  • High speed Bandsaw

Ocean Avenger Beam drill line

  • 60’ long
  • CNC
  • Accurate hole placement in Beams, Tubes & Plate

AccurlUSA Press Brake 245 Ton

  • Up to ½” plate
  • 13’ X ½ Shear
  • CNC
  • Stair Pans
  • Bent Plate

AccurlUSA Master Cut Shear

  • Shear up to ½” thick 38” wide x 13’ long plate
  • CNC
  • Stair Pans
  • Bent Plate

Dragon A400 Pipe cutting

  • Cut Rail Parts Copes & Miters
  • CNC
  • Round ½” to 6” Diameter
  • Square ½” to 4” width
  • Rectangle ½” to 4” x ½” to 4”

Stud Machine

  • HAS on Embeds

Mobile Stud Machine

  • HAS Install through deck

Ercoline Pipe bender

  • Bend Standard Pipe from 1” to 2” o.d.

Clemco Classic Blast Sand Blaster

  • Remove contamination, corrosion, mill scale, and coatings from most surfaces.
  • Produce a uniform surface texture and create a surface profile to increase bonding for coatings.

Scotchman Dual Ironworker 95 Ton

  • Punch (1-3/16” in 1″)
  • Angle Shear 6” x 6” x 1/2″
  • Plate Shear (1” x 8”, 3/8” x 24”)
  • Pipe Notcher (¾” to 2”)

Arc Cutting Plasma table

  • 6’x24’
  • Cuts up to 6” thick plate
  • CNC
  • Scribes
  • Stair stringer scribe layout
  • Channel Stair Stringer layout and cut

Call only the best in Denver if you need custom steel fabrication services. Remember the name: Flawless Steel Welding!