Superior CNC Profile Cutting Services from FSW


As part of our commitment to provide the best steel fabrication services that our clients deserve, we continue to maintain and upgrade our equipment to continually deliver first-class steel production.

For the past few years, we are also able to acquire new technology that has contributed to the power of our structural steel solutions. This has strengthened our eagerness to discover other innovative ways to help our customers accomplish their steel projects, big or small.

One of the more advanced services that we offer right now is high-definition plasma cutting. Using a state-of-the-art HD plasma machine, this groundbreaking steel cutting process produces incredible accuracy and efficiency that’s far superior compared to other CNC (computer numerical control) cutting methods. Using a high-speed plasma torch, the machine can rapidly cut through steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and other types of conductive metals.

Interior of a steel fabrication facility showing a state-of-the-art HD plasma machine cutting steel.
funky lines pattern
funky lines pattern

If you’re looking for CNC profile cutting services that will never leave you disappointed, FSW would be your best pick.

As a CNC cutting company that’s been providing a full-range of steel fabrication and erection services with multiple repeat clients and partner contractors, you can be confident that any steel solution you require is guaranteed to be well-planned, creatively designed, innovatively executed, and delivered on time.

Because of our wide selection of both CNC cutting machinery and advanced welding equipment, we are able to produce various steel materials, some of which are miscellaneous ornamental iron, custom work, metal furniture, stainless steel cables, artistic staircases and rails, sculptures, canopies, and others. Over the years, we have also had the chance to work on big scale steel fabrication and erection projects in Denver. Some of these are churches, retail stores, restaurants, banks, and offices. More structural projects are still in line until the end of the year.

More than the capabilities that cutting-edge equipment offers, it’s still our people that make our company progress as it does.

Our CNC cutting services cannot remain operational without the people working behind the machinery. Once you entrust your projects to us, we can assure excellent work from our team of skilled welders. With their vast knowledge and many years of experience in the industry, no project is too difficult for them. Our project managers are also available on site to ensure that our systematic workflow is maintained during the cutting process. 

We also assure that safety is guaranteed everywhere that we work. Performing safety inspections and providing preventive measures are just some of the accountability procedures of our fully qualified safety managers.

So the next time you need the services of a reliable CNC cutting company, do not hesitate to call us. As a licensed, bonded, and insured steel fabrication service provider, we commit to delivering a high level of skill and customer service that you will not find elsewhere. Not only do we ensure that you’re satisfied with the outcome; we also strive to exceed your expectations.

Whether it is new construction or a renovation that requires more staff and equipment, or even a small scale steel project that requires basic steel fabrication, we are your guys!

Contact us at (720) 638-7289 and let’s talk business.