Construct Better Builds with FSW's Building Informational Modeling Service


As part of our commitment to provide the best structural steel fabrication and erection services to our clients, Flawless Steel Welding continuously explores innovative solutions that can expand our knowledge and skills, make our job faster and more efficient, and most importantly, help us achieve better project outcomes.

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What is Building Informational Modeling?

Building informational modeling (BIM) is one of the most advanced solutions that we have been implementing into our workflow. BIM serves as a virtual image of a structural building before it is even constructed. It is a digital model-based process that allows us to collaborate with structural engineers, architects, and contractors more efficiently. With the use of a universal 3D model of the structure that is going to be constructed, anyone involved in the design and building process will have a dynamic representation of the structure, giving them better insight into how their own work fits and will affect the outcome. Whenever an element is changed by anyone in the team, the overall digital model will be updated as well.

Accuracy in Planning and Execution

BIM offers more than just enhanced visibility and better collaboration within an organization. It can also improve the way things are interpreted and anticipated. By giving a realistic visualization of a structural building, it can display and prevent any possible mistakes or inefficiencies, even within the initial stages of development, thus reducing waste of resources and manpower. Building informational modeling has become a game changer for structural fabricators. Since we always aim for accurate estimates and projections, BIM has been helping us not only in the planning stages, but also in the actual steel fabrication and erection process.
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Tekla PowerFab

In our constant search for digital solutions that can help us achieve our goals in our structural steel services, we were very fortunate to discover Tekla PowerFab. It is an all-inclusive steel management software suite that has brought our fabrication process to a whole new level. Ever since we utilized Tekla PowerFab, it has allowed us to access real-time information about our steel operations, enabled us to communicate with our team without much hassle, and increased our productivity while reducing costs and inaccuracies.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Steel welders and structural steel fabricators do not only need knowledge and skills to be successful. It is an additional advantage for them to be technologically adept as well. Ours is a fast-paced industry that requires us to offer top quality services that stand above the rest, and Flawless Steel Welding unceasingly improves our services by always looking out for better techniques and solutions.

Even on the fabrication equipment and tools that we use, we always ensure that we carry on upgrading and acquiring new machinery that can give us more precise and unique outcomes.

Needless to say, proper equipment maintenance greatly helps in continuously producing first-rate steelworks.

Entrust your structural steel project to Flawless Steel Welding, and you can be confident that you are dealing with the best people in the industry. From our ironworkers to our project managers and safety inspectors, you will always feel like you’re in good hands.

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