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Flawless Steel Welding offers a wide range of steel fabrication and erection services that are fit for any structural or small-scale project that you may have.

Press brake metal forming is a service that we have extensive experience in. We hold precision and quality in high regard, and we don’t settle for less in providing our steel fabrication services to our clients. We have different press brake machines in our shop, and we have a rich collection of press brake dies to give our team more flexibility in creating custom metal forms. This also gives our clients more freedom to choose their preferred layout and design.

We have been in the steel fabrication business since 2011. For the past decade, we have been doing everything we can to only deliver the best results to our clients, no matter what type of project we are working on. Whether it is general welding, custom steel fabrication, or steel erection on new builds and renovations, excellence is what we always strive for because that’s what you deserve!

Interior of a restaurant with fabricated steel chairs and tables.
funky lines pattern

The Best-Trained Specialists

Our press brake operators are all trained in-house and are experienced in both our facilities and at the construction site. Since the only way to be truly accustomed to metal work is through actual experience, our fabricators work on all types of projects, in and out of our shop. We also have project managers ensuring that workflow remains organized and in line with project specifications. We also have staff looking after the safety of our ironworkers by employing preventive measures that reduce injuries and incidents. We do our best to comply with industry standards as well, both in quality assurance and safety policies.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Press brake equipment plays a major role in metal forming and bending. We always ensure that we have cutting-edge machinery in order to achieve our project goals faster and more efficiently. Innovative solutions also allow us to create unique designs that our clients will not find anywhere else. We acquire new technology and use it to our advantage. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) has greatly helped in production and construction. It has also been helping us to minimize errors in metal fabrication. To utilize our equipment to their maximum capacity, our operators undergo proper training before they handle any new machine. We also make sure that all types of equipment are well-maintained and immediately repaired as needed. We know the ins and outs of press brake operation and are still willing to enhance our knowledge in more advanced press welding solutions as they come on the market.

If you trust Flawless Steel Welding to handle your steel fabrication and erection projects, you can be confident that you’re in good hands.

Not only do we provide premium service, but we also go beyond customer support. We are proud of our many accomplishments and completed projects all over Colorado. Each build reveals a combination of skill, hard work, and commitment to client satisfaction.

We’d love to hear about the details of your project.

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