What You Need To Know About Crane Services

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A crane is a machine used in lifting, lowering, and transporting heavy materials to other places for several purposes. The crane is designed to do all kinds of lifting that are beyond the capability of humans. For example, building a skyscraper is not possible without the use of a crane. That being said, a crane service is an indispensable part of any building industry – from construction to shipping materials, manufacturing, and loading of materials.

Types Of Cranes

Cranes can either be fixed or mobile. Mobile cranes are mounted on a platform that can be moved, while fixed cranes are those with main structures that do not move during use.

Under these two main types, most commonly used in crane services are the following:

1. Mobile Cranes

  • Truck-mounted: Mounted on a rubber track, it is used on construction sites to access the highway.
  • Rough Terrain: These cranes are fitted with telescopic booms and outriggers that make stability better when picking and carrying operations from rough terrains.
  • Floating: Floating cranes are the ones used in ports and oil rigs, mainly in the sea.
  • Crawler: Crawlers use tracks instead of wheels, thus makes it possible to be utilized on soft and uneven ground.
  • Carry Deck: These are generally small but can rotate 360 degrees when moving materials on job sites.

2. Fixed Cranes

  • Tower: Used in constructing tall buildings because of its weight-lifting capabilities on extremely high sites.
  • Telescopic: They can easily adapt to any situation because of their hydraulic cylinder that change length.
  • Stacker: These are made for warehouse storage wherein its machine is automated. It can work in particular conditions that humans cannot endure, such as freezing temperatures.
  • Hammerhead: Most common because of its “racking” feature where the trolley can move back and forth.
  • Bulk handling: It carries a considerable volume of materials such as scrap metal or bulk cargo.
  • Overhead: Generally used in an industrial environment, it looks like a bridge supported by steel beams and is known for its reliability and stability.

Working with cranes can be dangerous if these are used without proper training. This is also why choosing the proper crane rental service is essential. Aside from ensuring site safety for you and the workers, working with a crane service company saves you a considerable amount of time and money.

Key Considerations To Ensure That You Will Get The Job Done Efficiently:

1. Licensed and Insured

A crane service company that is fully licensed and has proper certification ensures that the operators are all well-trained and the company has met the required operating standards. This way, you would know that they are complying with standard procedures required to operate.

Aside from licenses acquired, verify that the crane service company is also insured if accidents occur. Because if they are not, the cost might fall on you.

2. Experience, Expertise, and Reputation

How many years of experience do they have in the industry? Were they able to finish previous projects effectively? Do they have experience on the same project as yours?

Nothing beats hiring a crane rental service with a solid reputation. This ensures that the company has the technical expertise and guarantees you that they can efficiently handle the project.

3. Available Machinery

What available cranes do they have? Does it fit your project? Of course, the crane rental service should have the proper machinery for your project.

4. Defined Contracts

Fees, expenses, delays, and payment plans should all be clearly stated on the contract. What are the terms and conditions in hiring their service? Who would shoulder the cost if there are delays? The company should specify these essential things to avoid incurring problems or unexpected fees in the future.

6. Customer Service

In doing business with any company, customer service is one of the primary determining factors. Please pay close attention to how they treat their clients. Do they show respect when you talk to them? Do they answer all your questions? A good crane service company can quickly show how they value clients during your first talk or first meet-up. Always choose a company that will become your partner in achieving your goals and not focus solely on making profits.

When looking for a company offering crane services, look no further than Flawless Steel Welding Company. While we are known for dynamic metal fabrication in Colorado, we have mastered crane services, and our operators are all credentialed by OSHA and NCCCO. We have handled several crane service projects under different industries, and we take pride in how these were completed professionally and safely. Call us anytime and let FSW be your partner!



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