A Standard Of Perfection – Flawless Steel Welding Is Published In The Blue Book Network

A worker stands on top of a steel structure against a blue sky background.

Check out an article featured in The Blue Book Network and written by Robyn M. Feller. “A standard of Perfection – Hard work and personal pride elevates Flawless Steel Welding to industry-leader status”

We've earned our customers' trust by exceeding expectations
with knowledge, creativity and commitment. We strive to
offer the best solution at an honest price. We are constant-
ly upgrading our equipment and utilizing them t their full
capabilities. We are experienced, creative, technical-not to
mention licensed, bonded and insured."
Additionally, the business is certified through the Office of
Economic Development in Denver, and is recognized as a
minority-owned business (MBE), a small business enterprise
(SBE), and a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE)-able
to take on federally funded as well as city and state jobs.
To help meet the needs of his growing business, Flawless
Steel Welding recently moved into a 15,000-sq-ft building in
the heart of Denver. Victor has been gearing up to become
an even bigger company, ready to take on the challenge of
an influx of new work and opportunities, such as upcoming
1-70 corridor projects. As Victor notes, "We want to be recog-
nized as a company that can handle the work. Moving into
a bigger shop puts us ahead of the game when the work
comes." In fact, they have overhead cranes in the shop and
out in the field to do erection. In-house, they have a forklift
and other big machinery to be able to take on bigger jobs.
To further ensure he's ready for any challenge, Victor is
currently participating in a mentor-protégé program, where he
is being mentored by a long-standing, experienced GC on the
ins and outs of doing business. "It's been very helpful having
someone I can rely on to bounce ideas off of and to help me
bring greater establishment to the company." Victor says.
Flawless Steel Welding's core philosophy is "Our standard is:
perfection. More than anything, Victor wants to be known
as a guy who takes pride in his work. And he wants his guys
to take pride in their work-to feel appreciated for what they
do. Victor explains, "We want to be known for quality. I had to
overcome a lot in my life. In business, I think our customers
understand they can count on a person like that, knowing !
will work through anything because that's what I've always
done." Victor also hopes his story can serve as an inspiration
to others. "Anyone can do it," he says. "If I did it, you can do
it, too. After all, business is business. If you can do a good
job, people don't care where you came from-it's about who
you are now."
Denver-based Flawless Steel Welding, LLC is a certified, full-service
structural steel company that specializes in fabrication and erection.



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