Flawless Receives A Fantastic Review From Hanna Design Group

Flawless steel welding logo and HDG logo against a construction worker, construction equipment, and steel structure background.

At Flawless Steel Welding, we love hearing positive feedback from satisfied customers. Below is a letter we received from Hanna Design Group in regard to an REI construction project that we did some steel fabrication work on. Take a look below!

650 E. Algonquin Road
Suite 405
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Intarior & Graphic Design

phone 8467190370
fax 8477190303

Hanna Design Group, Inc.

Victor Garcia 
Chris Gross

Flawless Steel Welding LLC\

2020 West Barberry Place

Denver, CO 80204

Dear Victor and Chris,

Flawless Steel came to our rescue when we were in a pinch on our REI construction project in
Greenwood Village, CO. We had hired another steel fabricator who was failing to meet our deadlines,
cutting comers, and not capable of completing the job. We found Flawless, believe it or not, on Google,
not knowing who they were or if they could help us out. But help us they did. They identified flaws
from previous work and fixed them. They sent a large crew of capable and experienced welders, who
worked long days and over consecutive weekends to help us make up for lost ime. They brought in
necessary equipment, and skillfully, and diligently completed our complex storefront installation with
custom canopies on schedule, despite extreme challenges.

We at HDG are grateful for their hard work and professionalism. 1 highly recommend Flawless Steel
Welding LLC to others.

Sincerely yours,

Project Manager
Hanna Design Group, Inc.



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