7 Types of Cranes Commonly Used for Construction

Three cranes tower against a cloudy sky.

Cranes are one of the most critical pieces of equipment used for construction. Construction cranes are necessary when it comes to constructing any building these days. There are different types of cranes you can find on any construction project; each one of them has its specific purpose during construction.

If you need help choosing the right machine for your construction project, this article will tackle the different types of cranes and their uses. But first, you must understand the difference and importance of mobile cranes and fixed cranes.

Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are cranes that have tires or are mounted on crawlers. They offer more mobility than fixed cranes and are capable of navigating around construction sites carrying heavy objects. Listed below are the different types of mobile cranes:

1. Carry Deck Crane

This type of crane is one of the newest models. It came from the old pick and carry crane models. Carry deck cranes are small and flexible because of their ability to rotate a full 360 degrees. The main advantage of this type of crane is that it is easy to use, set up, and best in small and confined spaces.

2. Crawler Crane

Crawler cranes are track vehicles, meaning they are built on top of an undercarriage with rubber tracks. Unlike carry deck cranes, crawlers are not able to turn rapidly. However, this construction crane can be used on soft ground where regular mobile cranes may sink.

3. Floating Crane

This crane is sometimes called crane vessels or crane ships. Why? Because they are most commonly used at sea, such as on oil rigs and seaports. There are different types of floating cranes, like semi-submersibles. The only difference compared to regular cranes is that it is used in water.

4. Truck-mounted Crane

Truck-mounted cranes are made with two essential parts; the carrier and the arm. Its structure makes it best for traveling on the road without the use of complex transportation equipment. With counterweights to help stabilize its movements, a truck-mounted crane can move slowly and steadily, especially when it carries a heavy load, making it perfect for building and maintaining bridges.

Fixed Cranes

Unlike mobile cranes, fixed cranes stay in one location and are assembled at the construction site. Even though they lack mobility, fixed cranes are the best for moving heavier loads for taller buildings.

1. Bridge/Overhead Crane

The bridge or overhead crane is one crane used to construct industrial environments, like a bridge. It supports the load with a lifting mechanism to take it to its destination.

2. Hammerhead Crane

This type of construction crane is the most used. It has a trolley and a lever located on a fixed tower, but it also has a feature called racking, where the trolley is movable. This feature makes it easier to move heavy materials.

3. Tower Crane

Usually used for the construction of towering buildings, this type of crane offers advanced lifting capabilities. Because of its height, a tower crane has an operating cab to monitor and control the performance of the entire crane. It also has a jib that extends horizontally from the highest part down to the concrete base.

Tower cranes are built alongside tall buildings. Once the construction project is completed, it will then be uprooted and stored for the next project. With their sturdiness and ability to lift heavy materials, tower cranes are a part of every tall building construction.

How Do You Choose the Right Crane?

Every construction project needs to move heavy material and equipment around. That’s why cranes are an essential part of every project. For safe and proper use, you must know the right crane needed for a specific project. You will also need a qualified and professional operator, rigger, and signal person to do the job flawlessly.

Choosing the proper crane does not necessarily mean using the biggest one. If you are doing a small renovation for your home, a carry deck crane is a perfect choice. Remember, when picking the best crane for your project, you must know the exact size and weight of the materials that need to be lifted or moved around, the size of your construction site, and the weather. Once you have all the specifications sorted out, you can accurately pick the best type of crane for your building project.

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