5 Reasons Why You Should Use Steel Frame Building Materials

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Steel Frame Building Materials

Using steel frame building materials has become very popular in recent years. Most construction firms use steel as the primary framing material for buildings, both residential and commercial. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, use steel framing for most industrial and commercial buildings.

So what is the reason behind the popularity of steel frame construction? Here are some of the advantages of using steel frame building materials for your next construction project:

1. It will help save money.

Most people tend to avoid steel when constructing a residential or commercial building because of the initial construction costs. Steel costs more than other materials such as timber or concrete wood. However, in the long run, steel saves you more money than other framing materials.

Using a steel frame structure can be cheaper when you’re a builder because you get to recycle the scraps. As a homeowner, steel frame buildings can help you save money on maintenance and insurance. Steel materials do rot or get easily damaged by pests and last longer than other materials.

Additionally, steel’s strength-to-weight ratio, a measure of a material’s strength against its weight, is the highest compared to other construction materials such as timber and concrete wood. Steel is unquestionably sturdier when it comes to holding weights. Its lightweight but strong quality helps decrease a building’s load, which means reduced construction cost.

Besides that, steel frame building materials can reduce the required workers on-site since steel, unlike concrete, does not demand mixing. Fewer construction workers on-site means reduced labor costs. Hence, using steel in your construction translates to lowering the overall construction cost.

Although the initial cost of acquiring steel can be more costly than wood and concrete materials, you will still recognize the cost-effectiveness of steel in the long term. Steel usage does not require too much work when it comes to replacements and maintenance.

2. Your construction time will be cut down.

Steel frame building materials are the preferred choice when dealing with the subject of construction. Steel is pre-engineered, which means your employees will not spend any time shaping, cutting, and measuring the steel. In addition, steel is also lighter than other building materials like wood, which makes it easier to set up with less workforce. These two qualities alone will enable you and your workers to progress faster than building construction versus using other materials.

3. Steel frame building materials are adaptable.

There is no other construction material that can enable you to do as much as with steel. Unlike timber, you can shape steel almost effortlessly, which means that you can produce all kinds of architectural interests you want. Most of all, the fact that steel is structurally sounder than timber makes it possible for you to build a much larger interior space with the absence of load-bearing walls or pillars.

4. Steel is more durable than most building materials like wood.

When it comes to durability, steel is the best material by far. Common issues such as pests, rot, and other environmental variables affecting wood do not affect steel. This building material also wears much less than that of timber framing, making it last longer.

As discussed earlier, steel frame building materials contain the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the marketplace. Pound for pound, angel beams or L-shaped beams, and other framing materials are lighter when compared to other building materials but are sturdier and could hold heavier loads.

Many recognize steel as remarkably adaptable to wear and tear challenges in outdoor environments – a testament to its durability. Steel-made structures can carry on for years with little to no maintenance, making steel ideal for different construction projects. Think The Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Brooklyn Bridge in New York, and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Steel’s durability answers to high industry standards and construction codes highlighting appropriate building materials quality. These codes state that steel structures are designed against corrosion and overall strength.

By using barrier coatings such as paint, you enhance steel’s overall durability and rust resistance. Zinc coating is also utilized in alkaline or acidic environments to resist corrosion.

5. Steel is environment-friendly.

These are the factors that make steel the most eco-conscious choice:

  • Steel is made from recycled products, and even used steel building materials can be recycled.
  • Steel frame building materials are durable and long-lasting, considerably more sustainable than most building materials. Steel needs minimal maintenance and replacement repairs throughout its lifespan, producing less waste and using less energy.
  • Since the mid 90’s, the steel industry has lessened about 30% of the energy used when manufacturing steel.

The reasons listed above should make you or any builder consider using steel frame building materials for your next building or construction project.

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