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What is AISC certification? Why is it so important? The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Quality Management System (QMS) Certification is the most acknowledged national certification program for the bridge and building industry that sets the quality standard for structural steel.

The program includes more than 50 percent of building fabricators in the U.S. – with each state requiring their bridge fabricators to be certified. The main goal of this program is to set a standard for companies to build quality structures, thereby implementing error prevention and minimizing the need for error corrections when something goes wrong.

Here is how hiring AISC-certified steel erectors and fabricators can improve your project:

1. Shows Commitment to Quality

The main factor that distinguishes an AISC-certified facility from a non-certificate holder is optimum quality. When it comes to projects that involve time and money, nobody can afford to make mistakes. Thus, the program ensures that your company demonstrates dedication to quality, particularly that the procedures are strictly implemented and followed, and not just merely stated.

2. Built-In Quality From the Start

Companies with AISC certification must pass not only the product inspection requirements, they must also pass the QMS as a whole. This involves their entire fabrication or erection process: from smart goals to employee training to product delivery.

3. Improves Safety

Great quality reflects enhanced safety. Having an AISC certification means that you are able to maintain high QC specs, able to provide better training for employees, and able to keep away from the occurrence of accidents and project failure.

4. Makes a Quality Project

AISC Certification is not just for large or complicated construction projects. Small projects can also gain from the expertise of AISC-certified steel erectors and fabricators. Moreover, it also adds value to clients, especially that most authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) approved companies with AISC certification.

5. Continuous Growth

The program does not end with a certificate on hand. The good thing about it is that it requires you to set goals for improvement. This also shows that all companies, whether big or small, new or tenured, that make room for growth and stability benefit by reviewing their procedures regularly.

How Can One Qualify for the AISC Certification?

If you want to know how to become AISC-certified, the process involves three phases:

  • Comprehensive Administrative Review
  • Documentation Audit
  • On-site Audit (conducted by QMS)

The program requires each company to qualify for each step and be responsible for its organization’s facets. For instance, AISC-certified fabricator requirements involve everything from management responsibility to internal audits for fabricators, while erectors, on the one hand, would be held accountable for the efficiency of quality and safety system procedures.

The initial certification can take up to six months. The annual cost for an AISC-member fabricator with less than 100 employees is lower than 5,000 dollars.

Flawless Steel Welding is AISC-Certified

As an AISC-certified fabricator, we at Flawless Steel Welding offer quality benefits in our professional structural steel services. We aim to provide you the best solution at an honest price and commit to a continuous improvement of our equipment and processes to meet qualifying standards.

For any inquiries about our services, call our experts for metal fabrication in Denver today!



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